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Monday, Feb 5, 2018
EMS Self Defense Online Training - Self Defense Company
Posted by Victoria Tan of
The Self Defense Company by Damian Ross is the ultimate resource for self-defense online training & courses for everyone, men, women, kids and seniors. Since 1998, The Self Defense Company has been helping police, federal agents, celebrities, military, private security and citizens of all ages to protect themselves and their loved ones in this increasingly violent world. At the heart of the training is The Self Defense Training System (SDTS). The System is based on over a century of actual warfare and combat combined with a modern, progressive and scientific learning system that will cut your time in training to a fraction of traditional methods.

The Self Defense Training System is a train at home program that uses a method called Combat Conditioning to hardwire the most lethal, brutal and tested Core Combat Skills from the world's most secret operatives. It is about real-world street skills, the skills that matter when we are faced with real-life crisis or threatening situation. Over the years Secret Service Agents, Federal and Local Police, Military, members of the Famed NYPD and Private Contractors have traveled over thousands of miles and paid top dollar out of their own pockets just to train for an hour with Mr. Ross. Visit EMS Self Defense Online Training - Self Defense Company to learn more about SDTS.

Business Email: customerservice@theselfdefenseco.comClick Here for Provider's Detail Page
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