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Applied Biomechanics

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Applied Biomechanics involves applying biomechanics research to therapeutic situations. Biomechanics involves the application of engineering principles to the mechanics of the body, and thus involves an analysis of the different materials the body is made of, including: muscle, soft tissue, bone, and the circulatory system. By looking at how these materials should operate in the mechanical functions of the body, a health care professional may determine the appropriate treatment for disabilities or injuries. Treatment generally involves an approach similar to physical therapy, utilizing repeated exercises in order to strengthen key bodily functions. The approach of Applied Biomechanics is different, however, because it involves an analysis of the situation according to the principles of engineering.

Applied Biomechanics is a vast field of research with therapists treating a variety of different issues such as disabilities, sports efficiency, and injuries (please contact a health care provider to inquire into particular Applied Biomechanics methods). Applied Biomechanics is being used with children in order to combat disabilities early on, such as scoliosis and cerebral palsy, by strengthening core muscles of the body and improving the circulatory system in order to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. They are also popular with athletes, who are using Applied Biomechanics to reduce injuries, enhance rehabilitation, and increase performance with an analysis of how the body operates during a particular athletic performance.

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