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Visceral Manipulation

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Visceral manipulation (VM) is a unique and special form of gentle manual therapy that addresses the visceral (organ) systems in the body and works with your own body's ability to heal itself and achieve balance. You are a web of interconnected tissues and each one of your organs relies upon interdependent movements that occur within and around all other organs. When you have an adhesion between two tissues or organs there is a lack of free movement. This results in a decreased function due to an alteration in the actual structure. For example, think about the number of movements that occur in your chest. There are approximately 120,000 different movements that occur in this area of your body each day. Imagine an adhesion (a stickiness) between two of these structures. Now, instead of the natural flow of interconnected movements you have an alteration in one location that will affect the axis of all other movements. Due to thousands of interdependent movements occurring each day this one "simple" adhesion can have broad implications, magnified over time by the thousands of repetitions. Adhesions can develop due to many factors: trauma, dehydration of tissues, surgery, infections, inflammation, and all forms of stress.

Author: Ron Mariotti, ND

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